Do’s And Don’ts of Travelling In Mini Cabs

Travelling with mini cabs often requires safety and precaution. Choosing a licensed taxi or mini cab is essential for minimizing the consequences of any mishaps during the journey and it’s also required by law. That’s right, according to the travel department of our country it’s our responsibility to check the license of taxi driver before using his taxi for our journey. However, choosing a licensed mini cab is only half of the battle. We can further minimize the risks associated with the journey by following some easy tips. Given below are the do’s and don’ts of a mini cab journey:


1. Always plan your journey in advance -Think enough about when will you get out of the home and when will you return.

2. Pre-book your mini cab through any good Catch-a-Cab service to save time. By doing this you’ll also ensure that you get a licensed cab for the journey (but still you should check the license of cab driver). These services can be accessed from anywhere in today’s digital era. As long as you’ve a smartphone you can book a cab within minutes.

3. While booking the cab also request for driver’s name and color/make of the car. By doing this you’ll be able to identify your vehicle easily.

4. When cab arrives, ensure that the driver knows your name and destination before stepping in. Also verify the looks of vehicle with the description that was provided to you by Catch-a-Cab service.

5. Avoid travelling alone – while travelling in mini cabs get company of someone whenever possible. And if you can travel in a group then it’ll be the best!

6. If you’re going to visit someone using a mini cab, inform them about it and also tell them the approximate time around which they may expect your arrival.

7. Note down the driving license number and vehicle number of the cab and text it to someone for extra precaution.


1. If driver seems to be under the influence of alcohol, don’t travel in his cab.

2. Avoid the cab if driver doesn’t know about the localities of area in which you want to go.

3. Avoid the vehicle if it seems to be too old. Mini cabs older than 5 years aren’t considered safe for travelling.

4. If vehicle is in a state of disrepair don’t use it for your journey.

5. Be alert, protect yourself. Never travel in a cab if you’re drunk. If you’re intoxicated, driver has the choice of leaving you somewhere else!

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